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Hello, Gorgeous!

Let's make your life a little bit easier with hair extensions, subtle coloring, and a perfectly curated cut so that you look amazing with minimal effort and exude confidence daily!

Kind Words

"'s sort of like having you always looking at me as a whole person - that is definitely a skill set and clearly a specialty I haven't found ..."

Tiffany L.

"Alexis is fantastic! She listens to my needs and also comes up with creative ideas. I've been seeing her for many many years, and I always enjoy the time with her. Bottom line - she makes me look fabulous every time!!"

Tasha L.


  Alexis Does the Hair is committed to creating a safe space for all, promoting anti-racist, queer affirming and all-inclusive practices. Clients of any race, identity, sexuality, gender, or physical attributes are welcome and respected. In exchange, I expect the same to be reciprocated. Bigotry, racism, sexism, or hatred of any kind will not be tolerated.

Pricing is always genderless, ageless, and non-discriminatory.

Popular Services

Hair Extensions

When you're ready to experience immediate  fullness, volume, length, and chemical-free color -aka the hair of your dreams- I will take care of you fully by explaining the process, what to expect for your investment (time and money), as well as giving you the proper tools and resources to take care of everything!

Razor Cuts

We can address so many issues with my favorite tool!  Whether it be a thick head of helmet hair or a fine, thin, lifeless few hairs, a curated razor cut and the right home care regimen can make you look your best, with minimal effort.

Low Maintenance Hair Color

We can create a beautiful, updated look that compliments your features and looks great as it grows out. Life's already full of things we have to do, so let's take the work out of having amazing hair!

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