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Initial extensions pricing is an all-inclusive package  built around your individual needs and goals. This means it varies depending on each person's needs.

Pricing includes:

-hair extensions or system (topper, wig, etc)

-the initial installation service

-custom color of both your hair and the extension hair (as needed) 

-custom cut to blend your hair with the extensions

-luxury, custom care package including full size shampoo, conditioner, leave- in conditioner/heat protection, brush and more to ensure the longevity of your investment

-written care instructions and video tutorials emailed to you.

I will also be available to answer any questions you may come up with about your new hair as needed.

Maintenance appointments


Full removal and reinstall: 8-12 weeks

Your maintenance appointment will include removal of extension hair, scalp exam or cleansing of your natural hair, and putting your extension hair back in.  

1 row=$225-$300

2 rows=$400-$475

3+ rows=$575+

Mini move up: 4-5 weeks 

Maintenance as well as personal preference  will determine if this is something you would need. We will move bead foundation and extension hair closer to your scalp and brush away any shed hairs. With proper maintenance, you should be able to comfortably wait another 4-6 weeks to do a full reinstall. Eligibility for this optional maintenance  service will be determined by how quickly your hair grows and how well you maintain it between salon visits.

1 row=$75

2 rows=$150

3+ rows=$225+

Treatments between regular maintenance

Every 4-6 months we will schedule an extension/system detox along with your full removal.  This is a required service in which I will do a deep clarifying treatment followed by a restructuring mask and  deep conditioning treatment.  This will ensure your hair will continue feeling soft and natural by removing any built up products, oils, or environmental build up! Not only will this make them look and feel better, but will also help extend the life and wearability of your hair.  I'll provide this service while your extensions are off of your head for the best access to clean them from the top of the weft all the way to the end of the length.

1 row=$30

2 rows=$55



If something isn't right

Generally, any issues you have within the first week of a new install, full move up or mini, will be adjusted at no cost to you. Anything after the first week will most likely be a 15-30 minute appointment at a cost of $35-$55.


Please fill out digital consultation form to get a  more specific price.

*New clients coming with hair from another professional stylist will be accepted on a case by case basis at a higher rate for the initial appointment, then charged the aforementioned prices for maintenance appointments.



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