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Are hair extensions damaging?

If not properly installed or taken care of, they can be. That's why it's super important to do your homework before choosing a stylist and be sure to do everything you are told to do (and not do!) for the most safe, comfortable, and longest wear.

Can I color my extensions?

While I don't advise you coloring them yourself, good quality hair extensions can be colored or toned to match your hair-preferably by the salon professional. They can not, however, be lightened without damage.

Can I get a razor cut if I have curly hair?

In most cases, yes! Contrary to popular opinion, as long as the stylist is properly educated in cutting with a razor, you can use it on most hair types.

What's the best way to fight frizz in South Carolina humidity?

I use and recommend New Wash by Hairstory as it has taken away all of my frizz and made my hair amazing since using it! It helps enhance your natural texture while keeping the frizz away. If you prefer traditional shampoo and conditioner, I do have a few products I can recommend that will help smooth your hair-and keep it smooth!

If you prefer something stronger and more "permanent" a Brazilian Blowout is the way to go! This product and service will take away almost all frizz and can even relax your curl/waves if desired. It lasts up to 12 weeks with proper care.

Can I just swing by for a few minutes to discuss what I want?

I work in a small suite, by appointment only. Just as I wouldn't want to interrupt your time in my chair to talk to another client, I can't always be available to talk hair. But don't fret! I have a very thorough digital consultation which gives me lots of info going into your consultation or first appointment and gives you more insight on what to expect when we work together! This saves us both time and helps me go into your service day fully prepared to make you happy. 

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