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Experience Packages

Base prices are going to include everything needed for a successful and beautiful outcome! Everyone has different wants, needs and starting points, so your digital consultation and in person consultation will help me give you a more accurate quote based on your specific needs. 

Hair Extensions

Getting started:

the Reinvention

$800-2300+  •  4 hours+

If you feel like you don't have enough hair in certain areas or all around, you can't get it to grow as long or fast as you'd like, or just need an overall overhaul, let's talk about your options with hair extensions! We can add a little here and there, or fill your head full depending on your goals.

This experience will include your hair, the installation, and all the aftercare you need to maintain healthy, happy hair.


the Refresh   

$225-600+  •  2-5 hours+

Once you are an established client wearing extensions, you will need to come in for regular maintenance every 6-10 weeks. During this experience, we will remove your extension hair, examine the scalp, give it an invigorating scrub to stimulate and exfoliate, then reinstall your extensions. Please come in with freshly washed, dry and detangled hair (air or blow dried).


the Revival

$300-675+  •  3-6 hours+

Would you love to have your hair and scalp cleansed and massaged while your hair is out?! When you  come for your 6-10 week moveup, you will receive the same amazing experience as with the Refresh, but with the addition of an amazing  cleansing experience while your hair is out! Clarifying shampoo to deep cleanse and full scalp scrub and massage to reset and make your whole world a little better.

the Refresh Mini

$75-$225+  •  30 minutes-1 1/2 hours+

Once you are an established client wearing beaded row extensions, you will have the option of a mini maintenance visit, 4-5 weeks after a fresh install. During this experience, we will examine the scalp and move your extension hair up closer to the scalp. This will allow you to go another 4-6 weeks until you need to come in and have all of your hair taken out for maintenance again. Please come in with freshly washed, detangled and dry hair (air or blow dried). This is ideal for someone who has very fast growing hair, or who does not like the feel of the "dangling" wefts as they grow away from your scalp.

Long, layered, brunette hair extensions
Long, wavy brunette with some lighter brown highlights, hair extensions

Color Services

First Color with Me:

the Rebrand $475+

This is what you will choose for your first time getting your hair colored with me and includes a thorough consultation, detox treatment with steam therapy, your color experience, K18 treatment, custom curated haircut, blowout and finishing style, and tips and ideas to help make your styling routine fit your needs and lifestyle


the Revision  $300+

When you are a current guest who needs a little more brightening or darkening through the hair, not just at the root, you need grey blending or coverage with a little extra oomph, and/or you haven't been with me for a color appointment in 12+ weeks.



the Revamp $215+

When you are a current guest who doesn't want a big change, just to refresh your current color at the root area- color with or without a few foils


Hair cuts

First Cut with Me:

the Redesign  $150+

You'll experience a thorough consultation to ensure we are on the same page moving forward, thoughtful amenities  like aromatherapy, choice of music, and silent appointment option among other things. It's now time for your relaxing cleansing experience, followed by my renowned signature razor cut! When it's time to dry, we will decide if you'd like to diffuse your new look to get an idea of what your day to day air drying can look like, or blowing it out smooth. I will give you ideas for different ways to style or pointers on troubles you may have to help give you confidence that you will be able to easily work with and wear your  hair with confidence! 


the Relaxed  $225+

Luxury and ultimate relaxation! Your experience will begin with a mircroscopic scalp assessment-this is especially helpful if you have had any areas or sensations which are concerning (it's also super cool to see what the heck is going on up there!).  I'll decide what scalp and/or hair mask would be best for you, then proceed to cleanse and massage your head as the steamer heats up. Now I'll apply your mask and let the steam warm and relax all the muscles in your scalp for a few minutes. You'll then receive another cleansing experience, topped off with a fresh warm towel. Now, we cut - whether shaping up your current style or a new look all together! If you're a new guest, this is where I will put my signature on you with my renowned razor cut! 

This experience is a great treat for any client, new or current, because we all deserve some extra attention now and again!


the Replay $100+

As a return client to my suite, you will *book a one hour appointment for follow up appointments. My aim with my signature cutting style is to create effortlessly awesome hair with minimal maintenance day to day and with less trips coming to have it cut. 

*I also have a one and a half hour option for those who tend to take a little longer for various reasons, also for big transformations!

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